House in a golf course

Las Rozas (Madrid) · Spain


The design idea for this house in Madrid (Las Rozas), arises from the intention of generating a ground floor in the manner of the old Greek gallery called Peristilo, which was formed around the courtyard of the dwellings. This Greek architecture space served all the rooms of the house and was characterised by being a space surrounded by columns and open to the courtyard, situated in the centre of the dwelling.

Following this idea, a very diaphanous ground floor is proposed, in the manner of a Peristyle, a continuous space flanked by stone walls instead of columns. These walls slide and are oriented in four directions, organising the space and the rooms. Each one of them will have a unique character due to its independent orientation and visuals, since it is the Peristyle that unites them.

The interior courtyard, in the centre of these walls, becomes the axis of the architecture project. It is configured as a double-height interior courtyard that communicates the entire dwelling. A large skylight is placed over it, which gives it constant lighting throughout the day.

On these large stone walls rests a box of harmonious and simple geometry, materialised in a more abstract form. This box works as a viewpoint towards the surrounding area and houses the bedrooms of the dwelling. The double-height interior courtyard organises and communicates both floors.

House design in Madrid - Gallardo Llopis Architects

House design in Madrid - Gallardo Llopis Architects


Through its materiality, the housing design seeks a game of textures and colors that enhances the idea of an abstract element resting on the walls.

The large sliding walls are made of stone, which gives them a play of shadows and highlights. This material allows to anchor it to the place and to generate a relation with the raised vegetation.

House design in Madrid - Gallardo Llopis Architects


The upper piece is solved with a thermal insulation system on the outside that provides greater thermal comfort by taking advantage of all the thermal inertia of the enclosure. It also allows a continuous finish, without joints, which gives it an object or abstract piece sensation.

All this is combined with the brightness of the large glass cloths that are placed throughout the house as well as the natural wood elements of reddish-brown tones that generate a pleasant combination of tones. The interior design of this house in Madrid opts for matt white lacquers to enhance the lighting and its reflections in all the rooms.

House design in Madrid - Gallardo Llopis Architects