Laminar Tower

Valencia · Spain


A residential tower to frame the access to the city, becoming a recognizable design on the urban landscape of Valencia.

This is the main architectonic and urbanistic requirement that the proposal assumes, demanded from the own planning. This objective must also be achieved from very restrictive parameters in terms of height, geometry and alignments, not allowing any option that claims to elevate or that uses geometries far from the orthogonality of the urban layout.

The creation of a new architectural landmark for the city of Valencia, which receives the visitor and generates an end of perspective of the Avenida Cortes Valencianas – the main artery of communication towards the northwest – must be undertaken from the precept of symmetry, understood not as a specular reproduction of the existing tower that confronts it, but as a volumetric counterpoint capable of creating a compositional echo that completes the whole.

The planning assures the fulfillment of all these prerogatives stipulating the minimum relation between height and perimeter, reason why the idea of slenderness is consolidated as fundamental in the design of the tower. To achieve it, the volume is fragmented, laminating the prism until obtaining the eloquent presence of a body of stylized proportion that emerges with rotundity on its surroundings.

Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect
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Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect
Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect


“A tall building doesn’t have to be a tower and, in fact, a tower doesn’t always have to be a tall building. What defines a tower is its slenderness.” Ricardo Aroca.

The resource of having two towers flanking the entrance to a city has penetrated deeply into the collective imagination as an iconic image of the city itself. Valencia is a clear example of this popular association of strong historical roots, so it seems logical that the current planning adopts this solution to “conform the image of the city’s Gateway” from the northwest thanks to the design of a high rise residential tower.

Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect


The permeable compositional play of the façade is latent in the short distance, the quality of the spaces that develop after its metallic sieve is glimpsed. An apparently random series of aluminium slats watches over the space, providing it with privacy and warmth, generating an intimate environment in which to live.

The interior of the dwellings is nourished by this façade capable of admitting different positions in its slats. The exterior image of the building discovers a full relationship with the inhabited interior. The position of the slats, which a priori may seem capricious, hides a thought-out and exact modulation that coincides with the variations of the spaces it protects.

Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect

The design strategy around the dwellings consists of locating as many of them as possible with multiple orientations, thus achieving dwellings with pleasant cross ventilation, which in turn provides, among other things, considerable energy savings.

In addition, a large number of typologies enjoy three orientations, which, both visually and in terms of comfort, represents a great added value. By arranging the living-dining area with the kitchen and the terrace in a common tablet, a unique space is achieved from which to enjoy the whole complex and its surroundings, which in triple-orientation dwellings means a considerable visual value and amplitude.

The arrangement of the terrace within the dwelling, which allows it to be interchangeable in a large number of cases, generates a game and rhythm in the façade that gives character to the building. These alternates along the entire perimeter, trying to be located with a certain southern component to optimise the sunshine and lighting in them.

On the other hand, the sliding design of the different pieces that make up this residential complex in Valencia, enhanced by the staggering of the tower blocks, maximises the dwellings that enjoy the sea views.

Residential Tower design Valencia - Gallardo Llopis Architect