The mass and the ether

Urb. Monte Alcedo, Ribarroja (Valencia) · Spain


A light plane as the minimum expression of shelter, where diaphanousness is reached by eliminating the limits of the inner space and reconfiguring itself by the projection of its shadow. A stony volume that sustains it and that, with its corporeality, guarantees an architecture with optimal levels of intimacy for this house in Monte Alcedo, Valencia.


The horizontality and lightness of a plane under which shade the programme of the day zone is developed between glass planes, with the limits blurring with the exterior, allows passing spaces and a wide visual field extending the useful surfaces of the day zone.

Generous terraces open up as transition spaces between the glazed interiors and the green esplanades of the garden. The sheet of water in the swimming pool embraces the day zone, extending with its reflections the spatial quality of the different areas.

The night zone is configured by a solid volume of masonry walls perforated by framing controlled visuals and in contrast with the sensation of lightness of the day zone.