Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos is a team founded in 1978 that through the synergies of professionals specialized in different fields looks for a common objective, to realize an architecture in which the technique and beauty converge. It proposes an architecture that transmits harmony and timelessness by its shapes and geometries, economy by its materiality and precision in its execution. The result of the synergies between these fields, from the composition of the beautiful, the structure that makes it a reality, the execution to be built, the materiality that will define the atmospheres, and the thermal, lighting and acoustic to make it a comfortable space produces what we understand as a work of architecture.


Fernando Usó Martín _ Architect
Alba Luengo Moreno _ Architect
Sergio Noverges Bellmunt _ Architect
Giulia Doretti _ Architect
Alberto Luna _ Architect
Julia Mompó Delgado de Molina _ Architect
Jose Alabau Casaña _ Architect
Santiago Sanchez Bonache _ Technical Architect
Paco Marco _ Technical Architect
Andres Jaen _ Technical Architect
Según Medina _ Administrative Secretary


María Mezquita Vidal _ Architect
Raúl Sol Jódar _ Architect
Clara Marti Solsona _ Architect
Alejandro Moner Rubio _ Architect
Ana Gonzalez Rovira _ Architect
Noelia Marzo García _ Architect
Alex Daras Ballester _ Architect
José Mallent Llopis _ Architect
Germán Roig García _ Architect
Silverio Soro Garibo _ Architect
Pablo Izquierdo Borja _ Architect
Ángel Ruiz Millo _ Architect
Ana Pérez Recatalá _ Architect
Christian Meseguer _ Architect
Mario Gonzalez Vidal _ Technical Architect

Gallardo LLopis is a family studio with a very specialized team, where each member has a deep knowledge of each subject and can offer a complete product.

José Luis Gallardo has extensive knowledge of urbanism and construction. Ana Llopis is a professor at the UPV and teaches courses in the fields of Acoustics, Thermal and Lighting as well as Architectural Sustainability. David Gallardo is a professor at the UPV and calculist of singular structures. Javier Gallardo, in addition to architect, has a construction company (BFM) so it is possible to offer a complete package or "turnkey". Carlos Gallardo is responsible for projects and design of the study having received several awards.

3D VIsual Effect is a signature of Cote Gallardo's images and 3D videos. Quality renders allow to know the project before it is built and in case of investment, to advance its commercialization

Thanks to this specialization, the synergies that occur generate a transfer of knowledge that contributes agility and economy.

Agile because decision making does not depend on other external agents and economics, since from the conceptual phase costs and constructive details of each designed solution are known.

The firm carries out architectural and interior design projects in residential, office, hotel and catering areas, etc. in which it has extensive experience. Actions such as:
- Refurbishment of housing and commercial premises
- Projects of single-family houses or blocks of dwellings
- Office buildings or interior design of premises for this use
- Hotel sector, media, etc.

Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos is a studio with more than 35 years of experience, which gives it a certain degree of knowledge carried over and acquired in such a complex environment as the construction.

In the studio we speak English, Spanish, German and French which allows us to communicate with a global client.