Located in Valencia, Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos is an architecture and design studio with a long professional activity and a strong family character. The scope of work has been wide and varied, bringing together national and international projects of different scales and uses: from single-family housing to office buildings, residential developments or public facilities.

The passion with which each new design process is approached is distilled in each of the phases, from the initial sketches to the execution of the work, with a business scale that allows us to maintain exhaustive control of this evolutionary development. The fruit obtained is the configuration of contemporary spaces that transmit harmony and timelessness through formal syncretism and geometric abstraction, together with the warmth that emanates from the materiality and a special care in the constructive detail perceptible in the execution.

Innovation and the revision of pre-established ideas are the starting point of architectural competitions, a format that has meant a constant commitment to study and a path of conceptual research. Participation in both private and public competitions has been recognised with the awarding of prizes and mentions from notable institutions such as the “Fundación de Arquitectura Contemporánea”, the “Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda y el Suelo de Madrid” or the “Club de Tenis de Valencia”. This recognition has also been endorsed by the publication of projects in prestigious national and international magazines specializing in architecture, design and interior design.



Gallardo Llopis can offer a complete product thanks to the specialization within the team. With a strong family character, each member has achieved deep knowledge in their field:

José Luis Gallardo has extensive knowledge of urban planning and extensive experience in construction. Ana Llopis is University Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de València and teaches acoustics, thermal and lighting, as well as architectural sustainability. David Gallardo is an Architect and Professor of Structures at the UPV, a specialist in the calculation of singular structures.

Javier Gallardo, an architect with extensive experience in project management, is also a founding partner of the construction company BFM, which allows the client to offer a complete package of architecture-construction or "turnkey". Carlos Gallardo is responsible for projects and design of the studio, having received several awards. 3D Visual Effects is a virtual reality image and video firm founded by Cote Gallardo. High quality hyper-realistic infographics allow to know the project before building it, making design decisions and, in case of investment, advancing its commercialization.


Thanks to this specialization, the synergies that occur generate a transfer of knowledge that provides agility and economic efficiency . This agility is evident in the decision making process, as the dependence on external companies is reduced and all the agents involved are jointly and severally involved in a common objective.

This business model of constant collaboration between technical specialists is favored by greater economic efficiency, thanks to the confluence of interests of all responsible parties from the conceptual phase, adjusting costs and construction details to the specific characteristics of the solution designed, ultimately resulting in greater competitiveness.


Among the diversity of works that make up the professional career of Gallardo Llopis, we can mention habitual performances such as:
          - Single-family housing projects.
          - Residential building projects.
          - Interior design and comprehensive housing reform.
          - Office buildings.
          - Rehabilitation of commercial premises.
          - Corporate headquarters, buildings for the hotel sector, media, etc.

The scale of the studio allows for direct and constant contact by the managing architects of the office, Javier Gallardo and Carlos Gallardo, with the client in all phases of the assignment. A supervision is therefore carried out from the initial stage to the completion of the work.


With more than 40 years of experience , the sediment of experience accumulated and transmitted between generations allows the team of Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos to face the complexity of the field of architecture with an accredited professional solvency. The weight of this experience is used as a launching pad to apply new ways of approaching the architectural project, from different points of view, where innovation and constant renewal is only possible on the basis of solidly internalised prior knowledge.


In the study we speak Spanish, English, German and French , which allows us to approach a global client, reducing language barriers and connecting with different ways of thinking and interacting.