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The offices of GLA studio are located in Valencia, at the corner of calle Sorní and Conde Salvatierra, very close to the Colón Market and a few steps from the landscaped bed of the Turia river, the lung of the city that accompanies it.

The place stands out for being a unique area of confluence in which the activity of different companies is accommodated, encouraging the enrichment of interdisciplinary interaction, and that thanks to its location in the centre of the city allows us to have a constant contact with its rhythm and life.



The space that develops along the nineteenth-century façade, modulated by the transverse arrangement of work stations at the rhythm marked by the opening of holes and the structure next to the texture of the pavement highlight the tradition of the constructions in the area. That pre-existing historical envelope and a contemporary interior as one moves towards the interior of the space generate a dialogue between tradition and innovation.

Architectural Studio

This open space invites the collective creativity where the projects we develop are conceived, place of interaction between the different phases and professionals that intervene from the conceptual and artistic initial stage, the development and care of the detail up to the execution and precision in the work.

Offices in Sorní

Piscina infinita


The responsibility involved in a scrupulous execution requires a profound cycle of revision and drawing until the necessary concretion is acquired, enriching the project in the course. The progress of the work produces a transfer of knowledge that leads to new solutions.

Professionally, few emotions are as gratifying as contemplating that details previously imagined, are finally well executed and fulfilling the initial idea. The value given to what is hidden transcends, thus, the small scale achieving the clear perception of space, revealing in all its magnitude the importance of what is not seen.

Calle Sorní nº7 · piso 1 - 2
46004 Valencia · Spain
T. +34 96 393 71 32