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Founded in 1978, the Gallardo Llopis Arquitectos architecture studio has sought, through the synergies of professionals specialising in different fields, to achieve a common objective: to create an architecture in which technique and beauty come together.

The studio has carried out different architectural projects in Alicante during more than 40 years of experience. José Luis Gallardo, founder of the architectural firm, focuses much of its activity in several municipalities in this province, such as Denia, Javea, Moraira, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm and even Villajoyosa, hence our firm is strongly connected with the area. At present, the studio's trajectory tends towards internationalization, with works in distant geographical areas that are undertaken without abandoning the roots, preserving the essence inherited from the mastery of the profession.

The results of meticulous work are projects in which the language of contemporary architecture is approached from a personalist approach, characterised by structural vigour, formal purification and the warmth of the interiors, through technical precision and a willingness for careful execution. All this is possible thanks to having a large staff of highly qualified professionals in the different fields of design, from the initial idea, to the final construction, including graphic representation or technical definition.
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The studio, throughout its more than 40 years of extensive history and experience, has carried out architectural projects of different nature and scale in the capital and towns of the province of Valencia.

Among them is the central head building of Mediterránea Norte de Cable (ONO), as well as multiple signal link nodes such as Villareal. On the other hand, a single-family house was also built in Sot de Ferrer, in the Alto Palancia region.

Modern Design


Among the latest projects developed in the province of Castellón outstands a single-family house of a certain conceptual complexity, consisting of an overhang on an existing building that was carried out in Nules. This contemporary house contained an internal courtyard that provided architectural quality to the dwelling supported by a large rear terrace.

The façade of the project represented an opportunity for research as its relationship with the existing one had to be analysed. This meant an opportunity for the development of several working models in order to define the appropriate proportion of the slats of the façade that provided privacy to the house without renouncing the views and sunshine of it. A need of project that supposed an opportunity and a proper language of the proposal.

The interior of the dwelling takes advantage of the light of the central courtyard over which the circulations took place. The spatial sensation was enlarged by these external spaces achieving, in addition to proportionate cross ventilation.

House in Nules
Architecture Design Castellon

The studio, a diaphanous space where the projects we develop are conceived, invites to collective creativity, a place of interaction between the different phases and professionals that operate from the conceptual and artistic initial stage, the development and care of the detail to the execution and precision in the building work.

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In recent years, the firm has embarked on a process of expansion, with multiple and diverse assignments covering different scales and variable scenarios. In a world in constant change, the necessary innovation and the revision of pre-established concepts are the unavoidable mechanism in the approach to new proposals.

Our projects are located in increasingly distant places, from Florida (USA) to Mänttä (Finland), or Zwickau (Germany). However, most of our activity continues to develop nationally, with constant work in Madrid, Canary Islands or Ibiza, and especially in Valencia, where our studio is rooted with projects in Alicante, Valencia or Castellón. A client with an international profile is commonplace, so direct and fluid communication with the developer at each stage of the project is of paramount importance. Our command of Spanish, English, German and French allows us to contact a global client in an agile and effective way.

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